Summing UP Summerí22!!!

Indian Summer, is the time to savor the abundance of nature!

Come summer and you begin to plan for vacations (long awaited), long trips, lazing around with family-friends and the list is long. With temperature soaring only upwards it also brings along with it concerns of seasonal illnesses like digestive troubles (diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux and even abdominal pain) sunburn, sunstroke and heat strokes. Due to the dehydrating summer heat, the body loses electrolytes easily and leads to muscle cramps as well as dull-dry skin. Loss of fluids can result in constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can get aggravated during summers. Take time to recover and rest as coping with extremely hot weather can be very tiring. Sip water all the day long, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Water. Rest. Shade. Three magical words to beat the summer heat. During the summer heat, profuse sweating makes you feel fatigued and low on energy, for most part of the day. It’s all-important to ensure you are getting the right nutrients and keeping your immunity strong. Protect yourself from the sun by applying a good waterproof sunscreen daily. Wear summer appropriate breathable clothing; light-weight, light-colored, loose-fitting fabric. Having cold water shower, twice a day, keeps your skin pores unclogged and is much more refreshing. Limit your daily sun exposure to the cooler hours, avoid going out between 10 am and 4 pm. Bring your umbrella and reusable water bottle with you everywhere to avoid headaches and brain fog!!. When outdoors, wear protective eyewear that can block at least 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Indian Summer, is the time to savor the abundance of nature’ bounty, with access to several seasonal fresh produce: raw green-mangoes, ripen yellow-orange-green mangoes, melons: both water and musk, plums, peaches and what not. These in-season green goods are available in more quantities, better to taste (full of natural sweetness), are packed with vital nutrients, and contain no additives or chemicals than non-seasonal variants. These summer’s foods are absolutely refreshing to consume as part of breakfast bowls, sprouts, salads, raita, sandwiches and smoothie jars. They come with the added benefit of antioxidants and dietary fiber needed by your body for being healthy. Make ice cubes with fresh herbs (mint, aloevera, basil and ginger) and produce (mangoes, lemons, cucumber, berries, grapes, bananas and kiwi) to add to your plain water. These pop-able can be grabbed whenever you crave something sweet and chilly, throughout the scorching summer months. To beat the painful heat, gulp a glass of freshly made aam-panna, mint-lemon water, masala chhas &/or infused water to constantly hydrate ourselves, as these can meet-up the nutritional requirements for the season.

In all this summer diet has an crucial role to play by keeping your health and safety in mind. Follow these healthy diet tips for a happy and healthy you!

ü  Avoid ultra-processed food items.

ü  Be mindful of portion sizes.

ü  Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to ensure a well hydrated body. Do not drink extremely chilled water.

ü  Have light-digestible foods in less quantity and cut the intake of too much spicy and deep fried snacks.

ü  Restrict roadside foods that may be contaminated and can lead to foodborne illnesses.

ü  Engage in light physical activity. Remember to add weight-lifting, dumbbells, pull-ups, push-ups or other muscle-strengthening activities to your exercise routine.

Try these super-healthy summertime yummy dishes to keep yourself cool and fight heatwave- the natural way!

Recipe #1

Salad bowl


How to make

Corn, steamed: 30g

Green peas, steamed: 50g
Cheese, small diced: 1cube

Tomatoes, diced: 1tbsp
Onion, chopped: 1 tbsp

Fresh mint-coriander leaves, chopped: 1 tbsp
Lemon, freshly squeezed: 1 tsp
Cumin, roasted ground: 1 tsp

Green bell pepper, chopped: 2tbsp

Red bell pepper, chopped: 2tbsp

Yellow bell pepper, chopped: 2tbsp

Salt to taste.

Washout and prepare all food components. In a large serving bowl, combine all ingredients. Serve with air fryer tortilla chips.


Recipe #2

Mango smoothie


How to make

Mango, pulp: 100ml

Mango, chopped: 1 tbsp

Milk, boiled and cooled: 50ml

Custard powder: 1 tbsp

Almonds, cashew, walnuts, shredded: 1 tbsp

Fresh cream: 1 tsp

Boil milk and let it cool. Add the mango pulp and custard power to the milk and mix well. Sprinkle mango pieces and nuts on the mixture. Top up with fresh cream and serve chilled.


Recipe #3

Cucumber sticks


How to make

Peanut butter: 5 tsp

Cucumber, 3” long slit: 5-7

Raisins: a few

Corn: a few

Wash and cut cucumber in log-pieces. Spread peanut butter on each cucumber piece. Place raisins and boiled corns on the cucumber logs and serve chilled.

Recipe #4

On the go smoothie



How to make

Oatmeal: 2 tbsp

Strawberry, chopped: 5

Coconut milk: 100ml

Banana: 1

Cinnamon, powder: a pinch

Add all the ingredients to a blender and make a smooth puree. Transfer it to a smoothie jar/bowl. Garnish it with toppings of your choice and serve chilled.


Recipe #5

Tomato Omelet



How to make

Eggs: 2

Butter: 1 tsp

Tomatoes, diced: 2 tbsp

Green bell pepper, chopped: 2tbsp

Red bell pepper, chopped: 2tbsp

Yellow bell pepper, chopped: 2tbsp

Onion, chopped: 1 tbsp

Fresh coriander leaves, chopped: 1 tbsp

Cheese, shredded: 2 tbsp

White pepper, powder: a pinch

Salt to taste.

Beat eggs with cream. Heat skillet, add butter and onions. Add tomatoes, bell peppers and coriander leaves to whipped eggs. Season to taste. Pour into skillet. Cook until almost set. Sprinkle cheese on it. And roll omelet from one side to another and serve hot.


Recipe #6

Pesto Potato Peas Salad



How to make

Baby potatoes, halved: 15

Green peas: 2 tbsp

Italian Pesto sauce: 2 tbsp

Black pepper, freshly cracked: a few

Spring onions, thinly sliced: 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves: 2 tbsp

Garlic cloves, chopped: 2

Peanuts, toasted: 1 tbsp

Cheese, grated: 2 tbsp

Microgreens : 1 tbsp

Chili flakes: 1 tbsp

Lemon, freshly squeezed: 1 tsp

Honey: 1 tbsp 

Olive oil, extra virgin: a little

Salt to taste.

In a medium saucepan, bring potatoes and water to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer until potatoes are tender (about 20 minutes). In a large salad bowl, add Pesto, lemon juice, chili flakes and honey; stir to combine. Add potatoes, peas, and peanuts; toss to coat. Garnish with shards of microgreens, cheese, spring onion, coriander leaves and black pepper. Serve the salad warm.

Be creative and plan ahead to enjoy these summer treats and memories being made. Happy Summers!




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