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MAJAMA depicts a simple Gujarati household where the woman of house is Pallavi. This character is the protagonist of the film played by the well-known actress Madhuri Dixit. The character of Pallavi is of a simple housewife who takes care of the entire family and nurtures the roots of the family. The film shows the journey of Pallavi, how she finds her true identity and the way she accepts it. The film is a very ‘house next door’ film and doesn’t portray any larger than life picture. Pallavi being a mother of two and has struggled really hard to raise her children and tried to fulfill each and every dream of her son and daughter.

The story takes a turn when Pallavi reveals her true identity to her daughter Tara played by Srishti Srivastava. The beautiful yet conflictual relation between a mother and daughter is shown in the film through very creatively shot scenes where only Tara understands and accepts the true identity of her mother. Tara being a social activist by profession also forces her mother to reveal her true identity and unconsciously enters into her personal space.

The characters of Sheeba Chadha and Simon Singh are very interestingly portrayed in the film. In the climax of the film it is shown how Sheeba Chadha’s character introspects her position in her married life and goes through a self-transformation. On the other hand, the character Kanchan played by Simon Singh is very bold and on face. She protests against every wrongdoing of the Hansraj family and courageously talks the truth. Suffering from blood cancer, she faces the disease with might and grace. Being Pallavi’s neighbor, her relationship with Pallavi is very strong yet very sensitive.

Madhuri enjoyed her character as she says, "With Maja Ma, what I am most excited about is my character. It is a role with complex nuances that I have never played before. Pallavi Patel carries enormous responsibility around – as a mother, as a wife and as a contributing member of society with such ease and grace, that it becomes easy to overlook her strength, conviction, and resilience. She goes through a multitude of emotions that could have strong repercussions on her life and the lives of people she loves.”

Blurred with amalgam of emotions and a combination of beautiful songs MAJAMA is the ultimate movie to watch. It leaves a sense of warmth, independence and color to our daily lives.

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