Cop attacked in a road rage with bricks and a rod

After he warned them for rash driving...

New Delhi: A 50-year-old head constable was allegedly beaten with an iron rod and bricks by three individuals, including a lady, in west Delhi's Khyala after the accused's car brushed past his vehicle in a case of suspected road rage. Two brothers have been detained in connection with an attempted murder case that the police have reported.


MG Rajesh, a Tilak Nagar resident who worked at the ACP (Ashok Vihar) office, was the victim. September 15 was the day of the incident.


The complainant stated that he was leaving for Tilak Nagar at 11 p.m. after finishing his assignment. When he got close to a slum, a fast-moving car passed him and its rear end hit the front of his car.


Rajesh stopped his car on the side of the road to assess the damage's severity. The drivers and passengers of the other vehicle likewise halted. "I went to their car, advised them to drive carefully, and then walked away. The identical car passed me and obstructed my path as I crossed a temple, Rajesh recalled.


Rajesh reported that two males forced him out of the car and began verbally harassing him. "When I realized the situation, I stayed inside. Unexpectedly, a young man with long hair grabbed up a brick and smashed my car's glass with it. The second man began smashing further windowpanes, the complainant claimed.


According to reports, they viciously began assaulting him after dragging him out of his car. They would give him a fine lesson, one of them yelled, because he (the victim) was a cop.


The complainant stated that a woman then emerged from the vehicle and struck him with a brick. "I shoved the youths to save myself; the woman warned me that she would ruin my career if I touched his sons. One of them had me in his hands while the other struck me with an iron rod. I collapsed on the road and lost consciousness, the complaint claimed.


People watching took Rajesh to the hospital. A senior officer reported that two guys, Krishan and Yuvraj, both Raghubir Nagar residents, were taken into custody following a raid. A case was filed under sections 184 MV Act, 307 IPC (attempted murder), 279 IPC (rash riding or driving on a public way), and 34 IPC (common intention). The woman's involvement in the case is being looked at by the police.


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